Children's Homes

Manuelito Navajo Children's Home is a children's home located near Gallup, New Mexico. They have a small campus consisting of four homes, a school, and a gymnasium. They reach out to the Navajos of the 4 Corners area of the U.S.

New Mexico Christian Children's Home is located in Portales, New Mexico. We currently support two children at this home.


Apologetics Press is focused on giving Christians access to apologetic (reasonable argument) material on various aspects of the Bible.

Bible Gateway is an online reference tool that is popular for having multiple translations of the Bible.

This website provides a great visual resource for showing the genealogy of individuals in the Bible. It is not exhaustive, but will have most individuals.

Bible History is an online resource for accessing archeological information concerning Biblical statements.

Bible Places is a website devoted to providing modern and biblical information for locations discussed in the Bible. This website is complete with modern pictures from archeological studies.

Biblos is a great online Bible reference tool with maps, Bible encyclopedias, Bible dictionaries, commentaries, and various translations of the Bible with original language tools.

Net Bible is an online Bible program that has access to various tools that would be good for Bible study.

A website with some great Bible study material as well as online quizzes that can automatically score the results.

For those Greek scholars, Tufts "Perseus" Project is an online Greek word study tool. It provides access to the lexical information as well as parses the word.

Teaching Tools

Life Church offers great material for teachers teaching all ages.

Great teachers resource or fun way to test your Bible trivia.

Other Links

Net Bible Study

Net Bible Study is a website hosted and operated by Ron Boatwright from Greenbrier, Arkansas. This website consists of 25 different lessons with various topics. Each lesson concludes with a brief exam so you can test your retention. *Disclaimer: We are not responsible for the material on this website. As we agree with a majority of the material, the Capitan Church of Christ does not endorse all of the material on this website. We pray you will benefit from the study of God's word as the Spirit directs you.

"Seeds" by Church on the Move

Great information website for teens with dramas, resources, and artwork.


OpenDNS is a network content filter for the internet on your home computer. This allows you to control the material that your family has access to.